Ravenol chain spray - Road bikes

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  • Ravenol chain spray - Road bikes


Ravenol chain spray - Road bikes

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RAVENOL Ketten-Spray is a spray lubricant and corrosion protection for all types of high-speed chains.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray penetrates immediately between the chain links in gaps and provides excellent corrosion protection.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray builts stable odorless lubricating film after flashing off of compressed gas, it minimizes friction and enhances hydrodynamics.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray formulated to effectively penetrate all gaps and dry quickly to provide a stable, odorless lubricating film with high levels of adhesion and water resistance.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray is compatible with most types of sealing materials such as rubber and plastics.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray is ideal for use on all motorcycle chains and other chains directly exposed to the elements.


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray designed to resist ageing and minimise dirt adhesion for long lasting effect compared with fully synthetic spray.


Application Notes


RAVENOL Ketten-Spray should be shaken well before use. Spray onto the chain to be treated from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm. The product penetrates quickly between the

chain links even in the narrowest gaps. Always keep chains well oiled for maximum effect.

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