Woodstock Moto Co

Box of quality taps

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  • Box of quality taps

Woodstock Moto Co

Box of quality taps

Sold out


a box with a load of proper old school quality taps for threading holes or repairing damaged thread. 

Some interesting sizes in addition to the regulars.
5mm x 0.8
6mm x 1 
8mm x 1.25
10mm x 1 
12mm x 1.25 

12mm x 1.75
14mm x 1.25
16mm x 2
18mm x 1.5
20mm x 2.5

A few imperial taps in there too.

Will throw in the easy outs free.

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We are not shipping closing down sale items - you will need to collect them from 7 Barron street on 1 May 2020 between 9am and 4pm.

Please select "Collect in store on the shipping page. (Cart > Checkout > fill in your details > Continue to shipping > select Collect in store option > Continue to Payment)

If lockdown is extended we will do our best to make arrangements for the storage of items at 7 Barron street until it is possible for you to collect. Drop us an email with any questions.