We successfully raised R250 000 for Josephine!

Thank you to everyone who supported the cause, whether you bought a raffle ticket (or ten), sponsored prizes, or helped us with the build - we are super grateful.


Here are the prize winners:




Number Drawn



1 x Yamaha XT500


Stella White


1 x DEUS EX MACHINA Hamper (worth R12k)


Warren Hill


1 x 5 T-shirt Hamper from Vents Brull 


David Deetlefs


1 x Case of Sailor Jerry


Linda Girolo


1 x Motul product hamper


Gadso Hautmans


1 x R500 Voucher for Timbercity Woodstock


Christopher Woodrow


1 x Teng Tools Mini Toolkit


Andre  De Wet


1 x Beaver Creek Coffee & Candles By Amanda Hamper


Margie Adcock


1 x Wine Hamper from Kaapzicht


Ben Mulder


1 x Wine Hamper from Kaapzicht Sav Blanc


Rich Dales


2 x Nomad Gear bike duffel bag


Richard Poulton


1 x hand knitted biker socks


Clive Winterstein


1 x case BOS Iced Tea


Margie Adcock


1 x R500 Café Roux Voucher


Chris Hosken


5 x Cape Town Festival of Beer tickets for every raffle ticket purchased

Every ticket




Update on Josie and post Bike Build raffle activity…

Josie and her family have been overwhelmed by the generosity of all involved in the bike build and expressed their deepest gratitude! Having said that it has been a tumultuous couple of weeks since their first visit to Germany just before the raffle... An update from the family can be found on the gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/josephine039s-cancer-treatment-fund

Although their plans have changed, the need for support remains and the funds raised will go a long way in easing their burden. Again, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

The final bits have finally arrived for the bike – primarily the new loom from Germany…we started plugging it all together on Wednesday evening and as soon as I return from a couple of weeks of work travel we will finish her off. After the requisite quality assurance by the bike build team – which obviously has to be undertaken on carefully selected twists and turns of the peninsula – she will be ready for her new home!

Speaking of which… The lucky winner and proud new owner bought a fistful of tickets purely as a means of generously contributing to a worthy cause that was close to her heart! Below she explains why she insists on the bike returning to the bike-sponsor himself – me… In her own words:

I love stories that complete a circle. I have recently been fortunate enough to be part of one - the wonderful initiative to raise funds for precious two-year-old Josie facing a medical mountain.

The story behind the many donations given for a raffle to raise funds and hopefully help reduce that extra financial strain - to allow Josie’s parents to be able to concentrate on Josie. The incredible donation of a much-loved 1981 Yamaha XT500 motor bike, passed from father to son, was truly uplifting and in the spirit of giving and family. Archie, with huge support from the wider family, sponsors and mates, came together to restore this special bike from the frame up. I had no doubt I wanted to get involved.

I bought some tickets and, as I have done before, put each ticket in the names of my family members and was just amazed to hear that Stella, my 9 year old Granddaughter had won the bike……!! Because Stella and her family live in Australia I decided to liaise with Archie, whose generous donation sparked much of this initiative, to find the best possible outcome. Archie has bought the motorbike back from me and I shall invest the funds for Stella to do with as she wishes on her 18th birthday……

Through the generosity of so many, an almost impossibly large sum of money was raised and the target reached.

And just to complete the circle it turns out that by pure coincidence my daughter Sarah, Stella’s mum, was at school with Archie in the Eastern Cape in the early 90’s - although they lost contact since - and the draw was on her birthday……….”

Having been amazed and touched by the return of this family heirloom, and in the spirit of completing the circle further, I feel that it is only right that the bike is returned to the beginning of this tale – she belongs on the backroads of the Eastern Cape! The bikebuild team (and any others that have nothing better to do than explore the backroads of this beautiful country…) will be setting the XT free on a classic backroad tour back to the Eastern Cape to hand her back to my dad (hopefully as a surprise…), as the original owner who had meant to restore her for years before relenting and giving her to me a couple of years ago…

Anyway, that about wraps thing up…Many, many thanks again to all of you generous souls – your generosity has had a meaningful and heartfelt impact on a little girl and her family fighting the odds!!

Also, a final thanks to Devin and the WMC for the amazing support and camaraderie – you guys rock!


We are proud to be part of a fund raising project to help raise funds for the sweetest 2 year old girl, Josephine, who recently underwent surgery to remove a large aggressive brain tumour. Her parents now need to travel with her to Germany to undergo further treatment.

With the help of members and friends we will be rebuilding a one owner Yamaha XT500 to its former glory and raffling it to help raise funds towards Josephine's treatment.

The project will involve the stripping and restoration of a one owner all original  Yamaha XT500 donated by a generous human for the cause. All cosmetics will be refreshed - the motor which was running fine when stripped will be inspected. We are on a tight timeline to get Josephine over to Germany and we are ambitiously aiming to have the bike built and ready for Raffle by the end of June.  If we run into parts order delays this could be extended. We will do our best!

Raffle tickets are R500 each and the winner will be selected by an independent person on 29th June 2018 in a public forum.


In addition to winning the Grand Prize of a restored XT500, there are other great prizes that have been generously sponsored! 

Sponsored prizes:

  • 1 x DEUS EX MACHINA product hamper worth R12 000
  • 2 x Nomad Gear bike duffel bags
  • 1 x 5 T-shirt hamper from Vents Brull 
  • 1 x case of Sailor Jerry
  • 1 x Motul product hamper
  • 1 x R500 Voucher for Timbercity Woodstock
  • 1 x Teng tools mini toolkit
  • 1 x Beaver Creek Coffee & Candles By Amanda hamper
  • 1 x Wine Hamper from Kaapzicht
  • 5 x Cape Town Festival of Beer tickets for every raffle ticket purchased

Services for the build sponsored by the following generous companies:

  • Dennes engineering
  • Aquablasting
  • Superfoxi
  • Yamaha helderberg
  • De-rust-it
  • Motul South Africa
  • Yamaha Helderberg
  • Eagle Hard Chroming
  • AMP


Here are a few words from Archie Meiring, the man behind the project and the rad human who has donated his XT500 to the cause:

"A little background to the XT and the thinking around the raffle – we all know that the XT is a classic with a cult following, but this specific one is where exploring on a motorbike started for me and has been central to this family passion for many years – starting in 1981 when my dad left the farm with the intention of buying a utilitarian AG bike, but returned with a shiny new XT500. I first rode her when I was 12, and did thousands of km’s on the farm and local farm roads – hours and hours of blissful teenage freedom! The XT then did many offroad trips to all corners of the Eastern Cape – flanked by Africa Twins, Beemers and KTM’s - and she never skipped a beat! My dad passed on the mantle and gave her to me for my 40th a couple of years ago, and I had every intention of returning her to her former glory…

As much as I am passionate about this bike, my own 2 year old daughter puts things into perspective for me, and this build and raffle presents an opportunity to hopefully make a tangible difference. The XT is a classic and if we recondition her properly, she will provide somebody else with many km’s and hours of happiness – and raise much needed cash for a very worthy cause!"


Please visit her Go-Fund me profile to learn more.

* Terms and Conditions apply - please read them on the raffle ticket purchase page.