PLEAE NOTE: Memberships have been put on pause after closing the doors of 7 Barron street at the end of April 2020. We will be looking at new membership packages in the future.

How does it work?

The Woodstock Moto Co. is a membership-based DIY workshop. Members get discounted rates on workshop time, coffee, bike parts, consumables, events and classes. We have two membership plans depending on your needs: Supporter and Builder (details and pricing are listed below). Don’t worry, you can still use the workshop if you’re not a member—it'll just cost a bit more.

Whether you've worked on bikes before or are completely new to the workshop environment, you’re welcome at the WMC. We’ll help where we can and point you in the right direction, but we are not here to do the work for you. We have a library of workshop manuals and books to read, and most of the time there are other members who will happily lend a hand.

We have two dedicated work bays, one assembly bench and one electrics station, with Saturday being the busiest day of the week. We’ve got all the basic tools you need to service, maintain and build a bike. And as we grow, we continue to add more specialised equipment.

A mandatory sign up fee of R250 includes a members pack - Member Tee shirt, enamel pin, members card, stickers, and "Intro to workshop and tools" Class. Payable on your first visit after signing up.

Workshop Use from R50/hour R120/hr
Oil / Brake Fluid / Antifreeze Disposal
Free R50
R30 / day
R200 / week
R800 / month
R75 / day
R400 / week
R1200 / month non members
Bike Wash R100
Short term build combo
(storage and workshop time)
R1499 / month






WMC Members shirt
Members pricing


Workshop time


from R50/hr*




Bike Storage


Fabrication tools


Discounts on Bike Wash 15% 15%
Discounts on coffee 15% 15%
Discounts on Events 50% 50%
Discounts on Classes

High Fives all day


* Supporters workshop rates:

R50/hour when you buy 10 hours (R500)

R60/hour when you buy 5 Hours (R300)

R70/hour pay per use.