Where are you located?

You'll find us at 7 Barron street, Woodstock

What are your opening hours?


Mondays & Tuesday              Closed

Wed - Fri                      11am - 6pm’ish

Saturday                      9am - 3pm’ish

Sundays                      Closed (for now)


Mon & Tues                  Closed

Wed - Fri                     11am - 6pm’ish

Saturday                      9am - 3pm’ish

Sundays                      Closed (for now)

Sundays                      Closed (for now)

What does it cost?

See here

Do you repair motorcycles for customers?
While we are a DIY workshop - we understand that sometimes you just don't have the time to wrench on your ride. We'e teamed up with Jay Davis from Davis Auto School to offer servicing and maintenance on your bike. Drop us a mail for more info.

Do you customise or build motorcycles for customers?
No, we only work on our own bikes. But we can show you how to build your own custom bike, sell you some parts and hook you up with all the right service providers along the way.

Will someone help me in the workshop?
Within reason, yes. We will show you the basics and share some useful tutorials from the internet, but if you need dedicated help, we'll arrange a mechanic to assist or teach you at an hourly rate. Members are more than often keen to share their knowledge and past experiences with each other: it's the whole idea behind the community garage, and something we encourage. On Saturdays there is a resident mechanic to help point your in the right direction and offer free advice

How do I become a member?
Have a look here, fill out this form and drop us an email.

Who are you and how did you come up with this amazing idea?
WMC founder Devin Paisley has been a petrolhead since childhood. After finishing school and travelling, Devin started Rebellian Custom Bikes with a friend in a residential garage with big dreams and no money. The experience taught him the do's and don'ts of bike building, and revealed a need for something new in Cape Town. Around this time he caught wind of Kustom Kommune and Rising Sun Workshop in Australia, and had some spare time on his hands. And so the WMC was born. What started as a DIY workshop and storage facility quickly turned into an all-consuming passion project, and has become Cape Town's only community moto-garage. Devin's goal is to get more people on motorcycles, more people working on their own motorcycles and to keep motorcycling fun and accessible.