WMC RIDE OUT: West Coast Blast

On the 9th of September we hosted our dual sport ride out: West Coast Blast in conjunction with Columbine Co and Feral Motorcycles. 
Jonathan Tee mapped out the route (available below) which started at the N7 Engen before taking the long way to Velddrif via the railway service roads to Darling, dirt roads to Hopefield and then an asphalt leg up to Columbine Co.

We started with and impressive number of just under 60 riders, quite a spectacle to see. After a brief briefing we hit the road, following Jonathan along the Old Malmesbury road and hooking a left across the N7 before entering the railway service roads. Thanks to the recent rains the dust was kept to a minimum but there were some puddles and mud to negotiate. The route proved to be a little more technical that some had anticipated (thanks Jonathan :) and we all learned that railway line crossings are not to be underestimated! Hit them square on with some momentum or else!

Another fun activity was avoiding the ruts which had formed in the mud - one or two people weren't so lucky but luckily no serious injuries were incurred, although one bike wasn't as lucky. Thanks to those that stayed with our fallen comrades and helped to get them home safely.

On arrival at Columbine Co we were welcomed by Rudolph with delicious coffee and a traditional Weskus Harders fish braai (an interesting experience!). After lunch the group split up into smaller crews and headed back to Cape Town, some fast tracking it back along the R27 and others retracing our steps home.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that joined us, especially for your relaxed and friendly participation and just generally being nice humans.

Until the next one - ride safe!




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