WMC Members Cowboy Ride


Our most recent Members Ride was one for the books! We're always looking for ways to liven up a regular ride out and this time we decided on a scoot 'n shoot cowboy ride!

What's a cowboy ride??? Dress up like a cowboy/girl, saddle up your steed, ride out, hit the shooting range and fire off some guns!

We met up at Deluxe Coffee Works, consumed the required amount of caffeine, and hit the road at 9:30 following our Peninsula route (Which can be found here) to the False Bay Shooting Club in Glencairn.

For a few of us it was the first time firing, for others it was old hat (Eugene dropping knee to fire the .223 semi auto). Most of us opted for the Midi Package, firing a Glock 9mm, S&W .223 and a pump action shotgun. Wayne went full monty and rattled off an AK47.

Honorable mention to Eugene for Marksmen skills and Sanela for firing off the shotgun!

Once we were all fired up on adrenaline, we heading to lunch to recount the day and chill out before a relaxed cruise back home.

If this sounds like fun to you, you can join in on our Monthly Members rides by signing up as a member here!

Here of some photos from the day, you can see more photos on Facebook.




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