Scooter Day

We have dubbed this month SCOOTEMBER! If you show up to wmc on a scooter, your coffee is just R12!

For our first Scootember event, we had a Scooter Day! We round up as many scooter riders as we could find this Saturday (7 September) and went for a fun little ride out!

Our friends at Moto 75 had scooters for rent on the day so there was no excuse not to ride along! They have a small army of BWS scooters available for rent as well as a Honda PCX that Staci got to ride. Lyle from Moto 75, riding on a '62 Vespa (which is for sale btw), was leader of the pack (which was about 40 people!), taking us from WMC up Strand Street, down Buitengracht and towards Sea Point. The energy on the ride was amazing and everyone seemed to be smiling under their helmets, pressing away on their hooters in a happy scooter cheer as we rode through the city. 

From Sea Point we rode along the coast, enjoying the turns in the road through Bantry Bay and Clifton. We pulled over in an empty car park to regroup just before Camps Bay, but the energy of the ride spilled over and BWS drag races ensued. 

After a couple heats, the fastest 2 (Ben and Richard) were put against each other in a slow race - the ultimate balancing test. Richard came out victorious and after a quick celebration we hit the road again. We whizzed through Camps Bay and up Camps Bay Drive, taking in the amazing views! We went up Signal Hill and stopped to take in even more wonderful views, enjoy the sunshine and devour some ice-cream! 

We then rode back to to the shop, down Kloof Nek and back down Strand Street, even picking up another scooter rider that spotted our group and joined in for a couple blocks.

The ride was loads of fun but also a great representation of what we try to do here at WMC, bring people together and have a good time. We were so happy to see so many of the usual suspects but also some new faces, men and women!

Our next event in Scootemeber is the DGR Clean Up on Saturday the 28th of September, we'll be doing bike washes and Johnny from Scoot 'n Cut will be here to give you a new dapper do for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Remember, visit us on a scooter this month and get coffee for just R12!

Check out some photos here!




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