Flat Track Fun Day
Inspired by Sideburn's Dirtquake series (video) we organised a fun day at Dirt and Dust as an introduction to flat track racing. We had 20 riders on all sorts of bikes including a 110cc Vuka Scooter, Vespa 200, BMW R80, Kawasaki KX80, lots of XTs and XRs and loads of dirt bikes. Special mention goes out to the older gents on the RM125 and XR200 dressed in vintage MX gear. This was a learning curve for all involved and there were a few spills but nothing serious. We had paramedics on hand but luckily their services weren't required. We did learn that full knobbly tires completely destroy a flat track and will not be allowed at future events. They turned the back corner into a deep sandpit which was dangerous for everyone who wasn't on a full dirt bike. All in all a very fun day was had and we're now looking for a track to host regular events at.
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Images by Devin Paisley
Following images by Florian Bison



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