Cape Town Delivery Riders

We love motorcycles and care about the people that ride them, friends and strangers alike. In the last little while, Cape Town has seen a spike in delivery riders using our roads and we are often horrified by the condition of their bikes and safety gear, or lack thereof.

A lot of the comments we receive on this topic are targeted at the companies (like Uber Eats) that use, not hire, these riders. And yes, we agree that someone needs to be accountable. Riders are taking pretty big risks to deliver takeaways and earn a little cash and as motorcycle enthusiasts and as human beings, we can’t just stand by and do nothing.

We take in helmet donations that we then pass on to delivery riders, so if you have ANY safety gear that you no longer use but is still in good condition, please come and drop it off at the shop, it will be put it good use!

Riders are also welcome to pay us a visit at the shop and get some help with bike maintenance. It's not just about improving the safety of the motorcycle but equipping riders with knowledge and know-how.

Our WMC co-founder and owner, Devin Paisley, was on CapeTalk recently to discuss some of these issues, take a listen to the audio!

 As reported by Cape Talk:

"At least 70 motorcycle delivery riders, mostly food couriers, have died in South Africa over the past year, with hundreds more injured, according to the Motorcycle Safety Institute.

Many of these couriers reportedly drive unroadworthy bikes and don't have proper training or protective gear. Not many have insurance coverage either."

 Read more here.


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Dirk Talma

Hi there. This is a brilliant initiative. I live in Joburg and I would like to donate some gear. Do you know of someone up here in Gauteng donating gear to these riders?

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